Saturday, October 4, 2008

Count It All Joy

I've had a couple of strange and painful days seeking the reason for severe stomach pain. As it turns out, the diagnosis is probably gastritis.

Gastritis has many causes. Some of these are: taking pain relievers, taking aspirin on a daily basis for the heart, and stress. All of them relate to my life. Someone in my family apologized for causing me so much stress, but I told her it wasn't her fault. Whatever happens to me is a result of how I handle or live my life, not what someone else does. I wouldn't want anyone to carry guilt like that around.

Just before the pain hit early Thursday morning, I had read some verses in James that made everything that I've been experiencing worthwhile. The first chapter in verses two through four tell me that I should count it all joy when troubles come because my faith and endurance are being strengthened. And when it is over, I will be perfect and complete, wanting nothing. Now that's good news!

As for the gastritis, well, I'll just count it all joy.

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