Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Choose Good

I'm frustrated and irritated today. I can't find my glasses. Not the cheap ones (I have 7 pairs of those) but the one good pair that I had specially made with clear glass on the top and bifocal on the bottom for reading--the ones that cost more money.

I have a terrible habit of taking my glasses off and putting them down somewhere. I try to return them to the glass case in my purse, but evidently I didn't do it this time. Sometimes I put them up on my head. Didn't do that either.

I'm frustrated because I can't find the glasses and irritated at myself for being careless.

On top of that, when I started to put on a pair of shoes today, they had a big glob of something ugly stuck on the bottom. Had to make a last minute change there.

Then I picked up friend #1 and we got to the tea room at 10:00, the time friend #2 said to be there. However, friend #2 got it mixed up and meant 11:00.

On the way out of friend #1's neighborhood, we saw 6 beautiful deer. We sat and watched them grazing on the side of the road and walking in front of us. I took pictures with my cell phone. However, without my glasses on I failed to see the button that says "Save." So no pictures.

We all laughed about the time mix-up and had a lovely visit at the tea room. I can continue to whip myself and complain, but I think I'll try to concentrate on what is good about today rather than what isn't.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Losing Weight and Living Long

We're attending a reunion this week end. It is called the 50th and is for all classes who have celebrated their 50th high school reunion. There will be people there from as far back as the 30s and as recent as 1959. Like all women who go to high school or college reunions, I wish I could have lost 25 pounds I have put on in the last few years. I talked to a friend who wishes she'd lost 50 pounds!

I started gaining a few years ago when my thyroid decided it had been working long enough and slowed way down. By the time I was put on a medication I had gained those 25 unwanted pounds. Nothing I've done since then has been able to get rid of them.

I must admit I haven't worked at it very hard. I have an elliptical that I rode pretty faithfully before finding excuses for not "having time" to do it every day. However, if it did anything outwardly, I never saw it. I do know it will help me internally when I decide to get back to it.

I took one of those Facebook tests a few weeks ago. With the answers I gave (and I think I was honest), it said my real age was 20 years younger than I am and that I'll live to be 102 years old.

I don't mind living long but I sure want to be in good health. Guess I'd better get back on the elliptical.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

He Gives Grace

Sunday the 4th is a nation-wide special day of communion for the three church denominations that grew out of the Stone-Campbell movement. Our building has been selected as the meeting place for the three denominations. There are those who are uncomfortable knowing a woman (Heaven forbid!) will be standing with a man at the front of the assembly and talking about communion. You see, our branch of the tree is the one who thinks women should be seen and not heard when men are present. It's a matter of authority and men are the authority.

Okay, I admit, I cringe at that statement. Maybe I'm a little rebellious--even a lot rebellious when it comes to putting women down. I've heard men speak and I've heard women speak, and as long as they are under the authority of God, who by the way is the ultimate authority, many women have more to say than some of the men.

I've attended all three of these denominations during my lifetime. Been very involved in all three. Started out in what today is the most liberal, moved to the second liberal and am now in the third which is considered the most conservative. (Although our church is considered liberal by many in the denomination.)

See! Isn't it crazy? We are all members of One Body, and that's the Body of Christ. Why do we let musical instruments and missionaries and one cup communion or kitchen or no kitchen or women's issues--it goes on and on--separate us?

My answer: Because we aren't focusing on Jesus. We are like those whose eyes are set on things below and not on Him who is above.

The service will be acapella. We don't have a piano and Heaven forbid we use a guitar! But we will "allow" a woman to speak in the assembly. I guess there will be those who won't come if they know this. Even some will come and be uncomfortable, but at least, they'll come.

Sorry about the tirade. Sometimes I just have to wonder why I go to this church, but I don't wonder long. God has already given me the answer. He resists the proud but gives grace to the humble, and He knows how much I need His grace!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

God Bless America

We spent last week end in San Diego--actually left on Wednesday and came back late Sunday. Our grandson, Eric, graduated from Marine boot camp. I'm such a sucker for the military and patriotism and the flag and marching bands. My heart nearly burst with pride seeing all those young men--665 of them--graduating.

Three of Reid's sons made it to San Diego with their families. An almost family reunion with the absence of one of his sons. Since marrying into this family I've come to love them all and enjoy being with them. Even Eric, who I haven't seen often since they live in Spokane, introduced me as his grandmother. Sweet!

We spent most of our time with the North Carolina son, his wife, three year old daughter and Baby Honey (as granddaughter calls the baby in her mother's tummy.)

I wouldn't have missed the ceremony for anything: the DI ordering all the families around and making us yell "Yes Sir" and "Aye Aye Sir," touring the Marine museum and PX, absolutely NOT stepping onto the sacred parade ground, hearing the Marine band playing patriotic music, seeing tee shirts like "Don't worry America" and on the back beside a Marine if full combat gear "My grandson has your back." Still gives me chills when I think of it. Made me wish I could sign up!

I unabashedly love my country. I do worry about America because of the young liberals who never lived through WWII. All they know is Viet Nam and failure and how much the world hates us even though we saved them from their enemies because they couldn't save themselves without us.

As much as seeing these young Marines fills me with gratitude and appreciation, my heart grieves for those who don't know that what we have here is too precious to lose.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Politics and Providence

I read an article today about politics and providence. At the end the man writes: "We believe that God controls earth's future, though we can't explain how."
Before he gets to that sentence he writes about Habakkuk and Jeremiah who demanded to know how long they had to wait for God to listen to them about the guys in charge. Nebuchadnezzar was one that God clearly said he'd put in power. He's the one who put Daniel into prison and asked him to figure out the meaning of his dreams without telling him what he had dreamed.

Like the author, I believe God is in control. Maybe I believe this because it's so much better than believing everything is random and people are in control (although it seems like that may be true.) Years ago, when Jimmy Carter was running for President, I told my mother I felt God was telling me to vote for him. Mother assured me I wasn't hearing from God. It had to be the devil. But, if Carter hadn't defeated Ford, then we probably wouldn't have had Reagan. Was it God talking to me or was it something I ate?

I know many people have been very concerned about the road our country is on today. I don't like it either, but if I really believe God has everything under control, then I shouldn't worry. Even if we run out of all our food and water and money, isn't that going to be a great time to put our faith in God and see Him work miracles in our lives? He's fed His people on less in the past and He's still the same yesterday, today and forever.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Having Purpose

Sundays haven't been my favorite day of the week for years. I think this is because we went to a little church during the 60s and had to be there every time the doors opened, or felt we had to. I had two children in school and had gone back to college and had homework and papers to write and housework to do. . . All those things plus showing up at church three or four times a week. My daughters hated going to church on Sunday night because they were the only kids they knew who didn't get to watch "Wonderful World of Disney." (This was way before DVR.) I hated going on Wednesday night, as well as Sunday, because I had homework and had to get up early the next morning. Sometimes I wished I could bring my work with me and do it during church. (You can see how much I was getting out of the service.)

Yesterday, as I sat at my make up table, that old "I wish I didn't have to go" came over me. I immediately began talking to God and trying to figure out why I had this feeling. One thing that came to me (besides the old having to be in church stuff) was wondering if I really have a purpose in my life. I've always had to feel I've accomplished something, and I wondered, "What have I accomplished? What is my purpose besides just living day by day and growing old?" So I asked God to speak to me. And, true to His word--Ask and you shall receive--He spoke.

The scripture--Philippians 2--was His answer. "If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort in His love, if any fellowship with the spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and PURPOSE.....Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus; who being in very nature God.....made himself nothing...."

Chapter two through verse eleven says it all. I am not to be consumed by anything except the cross. I am to empty myself and let the Holy Spirit give me His purpose. If I can do this, I have accomplished everything.

What do you feel is your purpose?

Friday, September 4, 2009

I Am the Book of Numbers

You're good with things that can be counted and sorted, a great classifier. Detail is your forte. You may give others the impression that you're staid, bu...t a close friend will learn that you have some shocking quirks that may approach the level of fetishes. It's OK to set high standards for yourself--that's why you accomplish so much--just make sure you give yourself grace when necessary, too..

I took a Facebook quiz written by the person whose Facebook name is Inkhorn Blue: Which Book of the Bible Are You? There are other quizzes by the same name out there but hers is a Facebook quiz. I came out Numbers. I can agree with much of it, but when it comes to the fetishes.... I go along with quirks, but the word "fetishes" stymied me so I called on Mr. Webster to give me some help.

A fetish is a small stone believed to have magical power. The second definition comes closer: an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion. Then it goes into body parts????

Fetishism--extravagant irrational devotion; the pathological displacement of erotic interest and satisfaction to a fetish.

Now what answer did I give that led the author of this test in this direction?

If we throw out the pathological and erotic part, I can go along with the rest, even the irrational devotion. Of course, I don't see the devotion I have to certain people and things as irrational. However, I imagine many of my friends and family members would agree with this.

When I think of the book of Numbers, I think DULL. Important at one time, but even then pretty dull.

Am I that way? Are my beliefs and devotions so strong that people find them irrational and dull?

Ahhh, but I can't forget that included in the quizzes description of me is the last sentence. I set high standards for myself and because of this I do accomplish a lot. I constantly have to be reminded of grace. Thank God for Grace. I'd never make it without His grace over me.