Tuesday, September 22, 2009

God Bless America

We spent last week end in San Diego--actually left on Wednesday and came back late Sunday. Our grandson, Eric, graduated from Marine boot camp. I'm such a sucker for the military and patriotism and the flag and marching bands. My heart nearly burst with pride seeing all those young men--665 of them--graduating.

Three of Reid's sons made it to San Diego with their families. An almost family reunion with the absence of one of his sons. Since marrying into this family I've come to love them all and enjoy being with them. Even Eric, who I haven't seen often since they live in Spokane, introduced me as his grandmother. Sweet!

We spent most of our time with the North Carolina son, his wife, three year old daughter and Baby Honey (as granddaughter calls the baby in her mother's tummy.)

I wouldn't have missed the ceremony for anything: the DI ordering all the families around and making us yell "Yes Sir" and "Aye Aye Sir," touring the Marine museum and PX, absolutely NOT stepping onto the sacred parade ground, hearing the Marine band playing patriotic music, seeing tee shirts like "Don't worry America" and on the back beside a Marine if full combat gear "My grandson has your back." Still gives me chills when I think of it. Made me wish I could sign up!

I unabashedly love my country. I do worry about America because of the young liberals who never lived through WWII. All they know is Viet Nam and failure and how much the world hates us even though we saved them from their enemies because they couldn't save themselves without us.

As much as seeing these young Marines fills me with gratitude and appreciation, my heart grieves for those who don't know that what we have here is too precious to lose.

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