Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Losing Weight and Living Long

We're attending a reunion this week end. It is called the 50th and is for all classes who have celebrated their 50th high school reunion. There will be people there from as far back as the 30s and as recent as 1959. Like all women who go to high school or college reunions, I wish I could have lost 25 pounds I have put on in the last few years. I talked to a friend who wishes she'd lost 50 pounds!

I started gaining a few years ago when my thyroid decided it had been working long enough and slowed way down. By the time I was put on a medication I had gained those 25 unwanted pounds. Nothing I've done since then has been able to get rid of them.

I must admit I haven't worked at it very hard. I have an elliptical that I rode pretty faithfully before finding excuses for not "having time" to do it every day. However, if it did anything outwardly, I never saw it. I do know it will help me internally when I decide to get back to it.

I took one of those Facebook tests a few weeks ago. With the answers I gave (and I think I was honest), it said my real age was 20 years younger than I am and that I'll live to be 102 years old.

I don't mind living long but I sure want to be in good health. Guess I'd better get back on the elliptical.


  1. Hey, you look pretty good to me. :-) I know a lot of people who would be glad to look as good as you do.

  2. Thanks, Rosslyn.
    I need to work on Ben's virtue--moderation!