Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Choose Good

I'm frustrated and irritated today. I can't find my glasses. Not the cheap ones (I have 7 pairs of those) but the one good pair that I had specially made with clear glass on the top and bifocal on the bottom for reading--the ones that cost more money.

I have a terrible habit of taking my glasses off and putting them down somewhere. I try to return them to the glass case in my purse, but evidently I didn't do it this time. Sometimes I put them up on my head. Didn't do that either.

I'm frustrated because I can't find the glasses and irritated at myself for being careless.

On top of that, when I started to put on a pair of shoes today, they had a big glob of something ugly stuck on the bottom. Had to make a last minute change there.

Then I picked up friend #1 and we got to the tea room at 10:00, the time friend #2 said to be there. However, friend #2 got it mixed up and meant 11:00.

On the way out of friend #1's neighborhood, we saw 6 beautiful deer. We sat and watched them grazing on the side of the road and walking in front of us. I took pictures with my cell phone. However, without my glasses on I failed to see the button that says "Save." So no pictures.

We all laughed about the time mix-up and had a lovely visit at the tea room. I can continue to whip myself and complain, but I think I'll try to concentrate on what is good about today rather than what isn't.


  1. I know this was a frustrating experience for you, but it will provide a chuckle for all of us who read it (I did). I have only one pair of glasses right now, so it is a real problem if I misplace them.

  2. Brandon will sympathize with you about the glasses. He does the same thing all the time.