Thursday, September 24, 2009

He Gives Grace

Sunday the 4th is a nation-wide special day of communion for the three church denominations that grew out of the Stone-Campbell movement. Our building has been selected as the meeting place for the three denominations. There are those who are uncomfortable knowing a woman (Heaven forbid!) will be standing with a man at the front of the assembly and talking about communion. You see, our branch of the tree is the one who thinks women should be seen and not heard when men are present. It's a matter of authority and men are the authority.

Okay, I admit, I cringe at that statement. Maybe I'm a little rebellious--even a lot rebellious when it comes to putting women down. I've heard men speak and I've heard women speak, and as long as they are under the authority of God, who by the way is the ultimate authority, many women have more to say than some of the men.

I've attended all three of these denominations during my lifetime. Been very involved in all three. Started out in what today is the most liberal, moved to the second liberal and am now in the third which is considered the most conservative. (Although our church is considered liberal by many in the denomination.)

See! Isn't it crazy? We are all members of One Body, and that's the Body of Christ. Why do we let musical instruments and missionaries and one cup communion or kitchen or no kitchen or women's issues--it goes on and on--separate us?

My answer: Because we aren't focusing on Jesus. We are like those whose eyes are set on things below and not on Him who is above.

The service will be acapella. We don't have a piano and Heaven forbid we use a guitar! But we will "allow" a woman to speak in the assembly. I guess there will be those who won't come if they know this. Even some will come and be uncomfortable, but at least, they'll come.

Sorry about the tirade. Sometimes I just have to wonder why I go to this church, but I don't wonder long. God has already given me the answer. He resists the proud but gives grace to the humble, and He knows how much I need His grace!


  1. Good post, Barbara. I think we all have our own struggles with these issues as we try to discern what's right.

  2. GRRR, gonna "allow" a woman to speak . . . please! Go ahead girl, preach on!