Saturday, November 1, 2008

Good-bye Halloween

Halloween is over for another year. Not one of my favorite "holidays", I'm not sorry to see it go. Trick or Treating and dressing in a costume used to be fun for me and for my kids, but today it is just scary.

We had three people come last night: a boy, and later, his sister (guess he didn't want to have to be out with his sister), and then a family--two or three kids, a father, mother and baby. One of the malls in Tulsa has a T or T'ing night for families. In front of the stores someone gives out candy. I never attended it, but I think scores of people showed up for the "safe Halloween."

I remember my oldest daughter's Halloween when she was old enough to know what was going on. At almost three she wasn't ready to go T or T'ing, but she loved answering the door and looking at the goblins. If I had to grade it, that night was a 10 for me. Another memory was an October 31st in Amarillo. The girls were about five and seven. Cold and rainy outside, still the girls insisted they go out in their costumes (which were hidden under rain gear). Their dad took them. They only lasted about three houses before they wanted to come home.

My best Halloween was when I was a senior in high school. Several of us drove to a high-end neighborhood in Amarillo and went door to door. The people invited us in, gave us hot chocolate, cookies and friendliness. What a great memory! But that was before the scariness of present-day Halloween where you can't trust anyone; where you can't allow your kids to go anywhere alone; where you can't open your door just because the bell rings and it's Halloween.

Last Thursday we attended a Halloween party at the children's home. One cottage dressed as the Addams family, one board member came in 70s costume (which is back in style today), lots of costumes, food, games and fun for the kids.

Now it's on to Thanksgiving and Christmas. At least we don't have to wear a costume.

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