Thursday, January 14, 2010

Following the Leader

I'm missing ladies Bible study class today for two reasons: I don't feel well and haven't since Monday but have pushed myself and too many chores to do around the house to keep it ready for realtors and their clients.

Our bodies can go for just so long then they tell us what to do. Yesterday my body said, "Enough!" I went to bed and slept three hours, which is unheard of for me. Last night was another meeting and I stayed home. I had planned to dust and clean bathrooms yesterday but since my body had other plans, I had to do it this morning working slowly and resting often.

I'm not complaining about the number of lookers we've had. I am surprised. I didn't think we'd have so many so early. But with God a person shouldn't ever be surprised.

The main reason I'm taking time to write this morning is to remind everyone to listen to your body and to realize "man makes his plans but the Lord directs his steps." I made my plan to clean yesterday and God directed my steps to bed! I liked that better than cleaning.

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