Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nice People

Some people in mundane jobs are nicer than others. I've had the not so nice before but today I found a nice one.

I've probably bored you with knee pain complaints since the end of February. (I know I'm bored with it.) I've had four injections with no change. I called my doctor yesterday for an appointment and got the general appointment line. The woman gave me an appointment time for mid July. I told her about the pain and asked for something sooner but she said "no way" and sent me to the voice mail of one of the doc's assistants. I explained everything to the invisible person on the other end (ie.pain, shots ended, etc.) She called this morning when I wasn't available and talked to Husband. He isn't as pushy as I am and got nowhere. She said the doc wants to see me when the injections are over if I'm not better. WELL? She said she has nothing to do with making appointments.

Let me digress. When Son-in-law who knows him and works with him asked for him to see me, I saw him in less than a week. Hmmmmm?

I called the clinic once more and was sent to another assistant's voice mail. I gave her my info and just asked for her to call so I could speak to a real person. Then I called the appointment line and that's when I met Jeff, the nice guy. He, too, couldn't give me an earlier appointment than mid July but he said, "Let me check the west side." Lo and behold there was an opening the end of June. A little better although still far into the future. He even said he could put me on a wait list. However, the list is long for cancelled appointments. Still, he offered and tried where the first woman didn't.

I'm sure these people get patients who want to be seen NOW, just like me. Maybe they aren't as calm as I tried to be and maybe they push and curse and cry (which I was tempted to do) so they do the best they can and let it go. But Jeff offered more and I appreciate that. He even gave me directions to the west side clinic.

When we were hanging up, I thanked him and gave him a compliment about his service. His humble answer, "I'm special." He is.

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  1. I hope you get in even sooner! I don't know why doctors don't leave openings for those who need immediate care. I had one doctor friend in Florida who did that.