Friday, August 27, 2010

Resting and Trusting Part 2

I've really been frustrated since getting out of the hospital. My knee is doing great. I'm able to walk, sit, stand, move--all without pain. The one thing I can't do is sleep.

I took a sleeping pill tonight, but still not luck. It's after midnight and I'm awake. The little bit of sleep I get is fitful which leaves my groggy and without energy during the day.

I'm reading a great book that's really speaking to me. It was written my a relative, Diane Moody, and is titled "Confessions of a Prayer Slacker." I love the way she writes--some humor but lots of good advice. I remember when my entire life was spent reading the Word and spending time with Jesus. I didn't read novels or watch TV. I had no interest. All I wanted to do was be with Him. But I let life get in the way and to be honest, my first love waned.

I remember how He spoke to me. So close. So sweet. I want that again and Diane's book is drawing me back into His presence again. What's stopping me? Sleep. I get up in the morning with little on my mind besides eating and doing what I have to do. I don't want to read or pray or anything
else. My mind is mush.

I don't know when this will end and I will be able to sleep again. I'm changing my diet in hopes of helping sleep to come. That's pretty easy since I'm about half sick at my stomach most of the time and don't feel like eating but needing to.

The first thing Diane says she does is thank God instead of beginning with the gimmies. So that's how I will begin. Thank you, Lord, for bringing me through this surgery and for healing me so quickly. Thank you for Reid who took care of me without compaining ever. He was there for me every step of the way and still is. The biggest thank you goes to You, Lord. I know you know where I am and what I need and you are in the process of working all this out for me.

There. Is there anything else to say about me? No. I'll just go into prayer for others. Maybe when I get through that I can thank Him more for all I have. Maybe this prayer won't have any gimmies. Maybe this is just one more instance where I rest and trust Him.

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