Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back in the Past

My cousin was here last week. She's two years younger than I am and lives in Denver. We see each other about once a year. Being with her always brings back memories of Mamaw's house in Memphis--Texas, that is.

She was Vera-Ellen and I was Ava Gardner. Her boyfriend was Guy Madison and mine was Roy Rogers. Her horse was the Black Stallion and mine was the Strawberry Roan. We rode around Mamaw's yard and down the street "pretending."

When we weren't riding the range, we played paper dolls or dress-up. Mamaw had a closet full of long flowing dressing gowns, hats, feathers--all the things that make young girls fantasies come true.

In the side yard of Mamaw's house was a fish pond--empty of water or fish. We'd get the neighborhood kids and put on shows out there. If you're old enough to remember the Little Rascals, you'll know what I mean.

We played Solitaire with Mamaw and worked jigsaw puzzles.

Minus everything except puzzles, my cousin and I still love being together. We worked two puzzles while she was here, ate out a lot, ran errands and shopped.

Of course, I got way behind on all my housework and writing, but who cares? The time with my oldest friend and relative is more important. Do you have someone from your past who is precious to you and brings back good memories?

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  1. I do have old friends I remember, but I don't think they remember me. I would love to get together with them, but.....I agree the housework can wait for the memories made now. Thanks Barb for a nice read.