Sunday, April 10, 2011

How Do You Refuel?

Are you the personality type who gets energy from being with people? Or are you the type who needs alone time because being with people drains your energy?

I'm the latter. For over a month now I've been with people all the time. I haven't had a moment alone. Being alone doesn't mean being in a room alone when there are other people in the house. Being alone means not having anyone around you have to interact with.

The past month was definitely stressful, emotionally and physically. But we've been home a few days now and I'm still exhausted because I haven't had any alone time.

Many years ago my daughter and grandson came to live with us. I taught school and came home utterly worn out from being around mid schoolers and teachers. My mother was in a nursing home and I visited her after school many days. The house was full in the evening and I didn't even have an empty room where I could be alone. Many Saturdays or Sundays I would get in my van and drive to a parking lot near our house and just be there--in the van--alone.

Another way I can refill my energy tank is to walk around a mall; go into shops, look around and probably never buy anything. Although there are people, I don't have to interact with them. That's probably what I will do tomorrow after church. I'll just go to the mall alone.

How do you refuel? Or do you ever need to?


  1. Barbara, I am so like you! I too need the alone time. I am in the same house with my parents day after day. I rarely interact because I enjoy my alone time. I can be in a room with others and be alone. I am rarely the 1st person to speak. I refuel by doing things with myself (think, read, organize, "piddle", etc.) God made me that way and I don't see a need to change it. Sure I enjoy being with people too sometimes, but my alone time is very real too. So take your time and recharge!!

  2. for me....I go for hike in the woods...out in nature something in me comes alive. Recently friends have been asking if they can join me. It's fun having them but to really refuel...I need to be out there on my own. Wishing you Barb....a great weekend. ☺

  3. Hi i'm doing blogwalking and find your blog

    according to your questions, i'm try to answer it.

    Sometime i am going to pray because i'm glad i'm still in God Love

    Sometime i'm going arround to my city

    and sometimes i read my facebook notification and get a new friend.

    that i want to do to get refuel

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  5. I clean or read to refuel. I understand not getting a second to yourself. My sister recently had a baby and I have been working 40 hours a week. this is my life: work, help sister and baby, sleep. There was a moment in time where i sat in bed scared I was going to lose my mind because my life was so busy. So i opened a book and decided to escape to another world.

    Great job on the blogs. They're inspiring.