Monday, November 18, 2013

Two Years Have Passed

I haven't written on this blog for two years. Where has the time gone? Time. What is it? Why do we need it? To answer my first question: Two years have passed and I don't see many changes in my life. Except for one important thing. Maybe two. 1. Our daughter came to live with us. 2. We heard what the real gospel of Jesus is and it made the entire Bible come together. Second question. What is time? Besides being seconds, minutes, hours, days and years, I have no idea. Third question. Why do we need it? I don't have any answer here either. God gave it to us some way and therefore it must be important. For the last two years I've published four e-books and have written an historical novel based on something that really happened to family members. I've gotten two years older. (There's that keeping time thing again.) As I near the end of my life, and I'm nearer than I was two years ago, I see many ways I have changed. I wonder what, if anything, my legacy will be. What I really want to leave behind is the love I have for people and I want them to know it. Also, I don't mind leaving this life as much as I did two years ago. Not that I think I'll be leaving any time soon, but we never know, do we? In these two years I've seen several people I know well leave and go to be with Jesus. I knew them well and know that's where they are now. In the past two years I've read numerous books, none of which I remember very well today. I've dieted and over-eaten, and exercised and been sedate. I've laughed and cried and watched too much television. Just tonight I dropped my iPad, which I had just gotten two years ago, and broke it. Do I need another one? No, but I plan to get one anyway. That's about it for now. If anything comes to me soon, I'll be back. I still don't know how to change the pictures or background of this blog.

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