Sunday, February 28, 2010

Moving Out, Moving In and Moving On

Too much going on to sleep.

We have a contract on our house and are putting a contract on the house we want to live in. At the last moment today we made the decision.

The couple buying our house wants to buy some of our furniture. We have no idea what but we're willing to sell almost anything since we can't take it all anyway. That's another answer to prayer.

I dreamed about house-hunting a few nights ago and the house we chose is the one that was most seen in my dream. It could have been because it's the one we both had the most peace when we were in it. We see-sawed all day between this one and one other that needed more work done on it, had more square feet but less storage and no views.

The one we like has a spectacular view of the mountains from Santa Fe to the Monzanos. The high school below might be a problem when baseball is going on but the mountain view is too good to give up.

We have a special relationship with the Sandias right out of our kitchen and living area windows. This new house has views from those rooms, too.

I'm taking a deep breath and thanking God for keeping us on His path. We pray that's exactly what He's doing.

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  1. I'm so happy to hear your good news! Are you moving to the west side, or are you still on the east side?