Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If God Be For Us. . .

Surprised that one man can be so proud, but at peace because we know God's presence, we are back on the road to signing away our home.

The appraiser refused to re-evaluate his appraisal of our home although he made many errors. We had to decide if we wanted to make a fight of it and hire another appraiser, ask for an extension on signing the contract and maybe lose the deal or trust God once again.

If God didn't know the outcome of this appraisal, then we're done for. Either He knew or He didn't. We choose to trust Him and let the house go for the $35,000 less than what the people were willing to pay. If it's only about money, then we have nothing to worry about. God's certainly bigger than finances. George Mueller lived for years by trusting God. He fed thousands of orphans on faith and God never let him down.

He'll work out the place we are to go, too.

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  1. Your faith is astounding. What an example you are setting for all the rest of us. It is easy to say we will stand on faith, but quite another to live it out.
    Blessings, hugs, and many prayers,