Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Long Month

It's been a long month.

We are out of our house and into a furnished apartment. The house we may move into closes tomorrow. I say "may" because we've had so many stops and starts that our heads are spinning. This house is in a perfect location and is larger than the two that fell through. However, it needs painting, new flooring and some other upgrades which will have to be done before it is move in ready.

My knee is still in pain and my cane and I have become constant mates. I've been to my chiropractor, a PA, a sports medicine doc for a cortisone injection, and see another my primary care this afternoon and an orthopedist tomorrow. I think I'm looking at knee replacement, a scope or chicken cartilage. My sights are on the chicken.

The only word I've heard from the Lord in the past few weeks is "Count it all joy" from James 1:2. When we look back, maybe we can see that we have matured and our completeness in Him is closer than it was before all this began last year. We've had to put our trust in God in a way we haven't before.

One thing I know I've learned: My life is not totally under my control.


  1. Barbara,
    What an adventure. Hope your cane is being kind to you and holding you up well. I have been thinking about you and continuing to pray for you and for your family. "Count it all joy"....what a word from GOD. He certainly has great things for you and wants you to praise HIM through the journey.
    Hugs, blessings, and prayers,

  2. Sorry you are having to endure this, but if nothing else, the reminder that our lives are not ultimately under our own control is invaluable. We are learning that, too, but in some other ways.

  3. chicken cartilage??? not sure what that is for your knee...but chickens run fast so....
    Take gentle care of yourself.