Monday, November 1, 2010


You have a gift. I have a gift. Are we using our gifts?

I've known for years of a gift God gave me, and for a long time I've wanted to use it. But I'm not. I've talked to God about this a lot but didn't receive an answer until yesterday.

Many years ago I painted. Due to circumstances I stopped painting. A few years ago I tried to paint again. Nothing! The "Painting Grace" was gone.
I started writing fiction. I wrote and published a novel. I wrote 2 1/2 more novels and stopped for two reasons. One, we sold our house and moved and then I had knee surgery. All from December through the summer. The second reason: an agent told me my work was good but not great.

During those months when circumstances and stress closed down the "Writing Grace," I learned so much. Mostly about God and His care for me. Somehow I was able to let Him carry everything.

I have begun a new novel and it's a hard one. Hard because it's historical fiction based on real events and real people. I'm not sure I can write this. If I do, I will have to have a double portion of "Writing Grace."

So what did I learn about my gift?

Character has to be matured before the gift can be used. Moses had a gift from God. He tried to use it too soon. When God eventually came to him and told him it was time to use that gift, Moses didn't want to any longer. But he did--and how? With the power and grace of God.

I'm not using my gift and it's all right because I know I'm not ready. The time will come and when it does, I won't even care any longer because I'll know it is not me but God through me bringing forth His gifting.

Same with this new novel. If it happens, it will be because of Him, not me. And I won't care either way. Now that's rest.


  1. I'm very excited about your new project. :-)

  2. I needed to read this Barbara. Thank you

  3. Thank you Barbara, this post touched me deep in the heart. I am 22, a Homeopathic medical student and aspiring to be a writer.
    I have been writing poetry since long - since 13 and have my book of poems coming up. After writing and dumping many fiction, I am working on a new one - it is a matter of desiring, Barbara. I felt strongly for you when I read about the literary agent's words. But please, never believe them, because they choose work to sell, because it gives them money.
    But we write for our heart's gratification and if it helps or touches anyone's life, fine, it is a bonus.
    When we write for ourselves, we do it. Some Literary agents who are sincerely good readers and encouragers say this to new writers.

    Like you, I love painting and drawing. But not always I get the grace to do it.. I just wait for the grace to come from God... Same goes with my photography. It is not always I click a good picture, but I do, sometimes, and it turns out to be a good one. My blog has a few of all that I do.
    I would like to talk more about this if you would like to.
    Thanks and keep posting in the blog.
    You can find me at: