Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Four Days and Going Forward

I started writing this blog and hit some strange key which highlighted everything and deleted it all. Just as well. All I was doing was rambling about how much I don't know and how frustrated I am over Weight Watchers. I think I'm doing it right but I'm not sure. I do know this: I'm eating quite different than I was before. I don't even have heartburn now which tells me the food I'm eating is better for me.

I spent a lot of time today writing a novel I'm excited about. It's hard for me to have to stop once I get going. But stop I will for most of the rest of this week. Too much going on every day. Things I want to do, even love doing, while in the novel-writing place inside of me, my characters are speaking. "Get us out of this place and onto the next part."

I once heard an author say she'd left her protagonist on a train for weeks and couldn't figure out how to get her off of it. My characters are safe and I know where they're going, but getting them there is the problem.

I have books to read for research on the Revolutionary War period. We stood in line forever yesterday at a closing Borders in order to buy these books discounted. I can hardly wait to read them. In my book shelf are several books I want to read, too. They're waiting.

Tomorrow daughter-in-law and grand girls are coming over. Wednesday is lunch with friends and shoe shopping and small group meeting at night. Thursday is Bible class and Friday is WW weigh-in and later tea with girlfriends. All of these are important to me and I wouldn't miss a one of them.

On top of all of this stands a food plan and the need to exercise. If I lose even a tiny bit on Friday, I will count it as a win. If I don't. . .I won't give up.

With the coming week full I need to sleep, but here it is after midnight and I'm awake thinking of all that is coming tomorrow and next week.

I think I'm doing something right. I mentioned not having heartburn since starting WW last Friday. That's big. I'm full and satisfied. I know this sounds silly, but I already feel skinnier. I'll know for sure on Friday and will report back.

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  1. Oh Barbara, how I wish we lived closer to each other! I just know we'd hang out and chat about our novels-in-progress and I'd bug you til you'd wish I'd just go away! :D Seems we have so much in common - besides the fact we're family!

    I'm itching to hear about the book you're working on, so drop me an email sometime and let me know, okay? Don't you just love it when your characters write the story for you?! Heaven!!!

    Love you!