Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Living Outside Myself

I woke up this morning almost in "mourning."
The depression came when I talked to some people yesterday and heard about the tragic life circumstances they faced. Tragic may be a little over the top description, but my heart ached for all of them.

Yes, I know God is the answer but that didn't lessen the heartbreak I felt for all of them. I shared with my husband and he gave me the same answers I had already given myself about God, etc. And they didn't help until. . .

We went to lunch with a couple and got into a deep discussion. They shared some things they'd been facing. I encouraged them with the encouragement I needed. We are only accountable to God and that's where our eyes are supposed to stay. Not on the problems around us or even the victories. God is IT.

Our preacher has been preaching on living outside ourselves. That means turning our focus on our brothers and sisters--and God.

When our time together ended, I felt better. Hopeful. More faith. Blessed Assurance-like. Why? Because I spent a few moments living outside myself thus falling into the arms of Jesus. He has the answers. Instead of looking around us at what we see wrong in our world, we have to keep our eyes on the One who is our Life. Our world doesn't mean the Earth. Our world is where we live and the people who live in it with us.

My concerns are still valid for the ones who are facing difficulty, but my job is only to pray, show them mercy and the love of God. I have to keep my eyes on Jesus and ask the Spirit to be my guide just as He led Jesus.

How many times have we heard someone ask What Would Jesus Do? Instead of sinking into dispair or becoming judgmental, first we need to know the answer to that question.

What did Jesus do when he saw problems around Him? He prayed and lay them at His Father's feet. I did pray and He gave me a way to not only lift my own burdens but those of my brothers.

I can't make my world a better place (the world I live in and the way I'd like it to be), but I can show mercy and lift my brother up by showing the love of God.

I feel better. I hope you do, too.

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  1. this is beautiful....and the way I want to live also...