Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dirty Love Slave

Over a decade ago I had what some people might term a "call" in my life.
A situation existed that troubled me greatly. After many tears and much prayer I got an answer. "Love unconditionally."
Now that's hard, isn't it? To love without conditions when the situation appears to be impossible and the person (in our eyes) needs to make some changes. But what I heard in my heart was so powerful that I didn't have peace until I accepted the "call" and did it. The amazing part of this "call" was that when I truly loved without conditions, the situation immediately changed.
I've done this, as best I can, since then. (Oh, yes. I've failed many times.) But when I am successful, I feel like I'm on "Holy Ground." It isn't about me. It's about the person that needs to be loved by me instead of having my judgement. It's kind of like being a slave or a servant. It's all about the master's desires, not the one carrying them out.
Sometimes this makes me a dirty love slave--subjecting myself to being on my knees, in the dirt of Holy Ground and serving the person instead of myself. Most times I need alot of help being able to do it, but every time I make the choice, the help is there.

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