Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Morning Gratitude

Okay. So I've been pretty morose lately. Sorry about that. When I hear about friends who have cancer, friends having frustration and pain because of kids that just won't grow up and be responsible, friends who need jobs, heartbroken friends whose children have gone away and is out of touch, my grandson's friend who was murdered and another whose baby died shortly after birth--well, after a bit it begins to get to me. Then I talk to my own kids and feel the love.

Gratitude is what it's all about. Seeing the good in everything is important. It doesn't always look like there's good in the worst events, but life is a balance. Where there is bad, there has to be good. Same the other way around. Paul talked about that balance in the third chapter of Philippians. He said he had learned to be content in everything, even when he was hungry or well fed or had plenty or been in want. In all of it he learned it was God who gave him the strength to do everything.

After a night of little sleep, I'm just glad to be alive and healthy and hope you are, too --both alive and healthy and most of all grateful.

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