Friday, December 19, 2008

The Christmas Sweater

"The Christmas Sweater" by Glenn Beck.

We attended an encore presentation last night of a simulcast from the night before. A small orchestra and fantastic singer backed up Glenn's monologue as he told the moving story of a gift he received from him mother when he was twelve.

I'm reading the book now. The book goes into more detail, of course, but the performance was excellent. Glenn is a natural actor, and because he lived the story, his depiction of the events brought the audience into his world.

For me, the moral of this story is to enjoy every day--to love every person in my life with abandon, and to be grateful. At twelve we think we have forever ahead of us, but the truth is we don't, and the people around us don't either.

I've said it before--life is too short to waste it being angry and hating someone--even ourselves. As Glenn was told, no one is in charge of your happiness except you. Many times we have to learn this the hard way when it seems easier to lay blame on others or look to someone else to fulfill our lives.

If you're looking for an extra gift for someone or yourself, this book is an excellent choice.

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