Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm not sure what this Tagging is all about, but someone tagged me and it looks like that means I have to share seven random things about myself. When I'm finished, I will tag some people so look at the end and see if you're one of those.

1. When I was about 12 years old, my friends and I decided to climb to the roof of our one story (high-ceilinged) school house and jump off. I was the first to try it. I hung on to the edge of the roof and dropped. Fortunately the ground was wet but it hurt, and no one else would follow.

2. I was Spanish queen in the ninth grade. (Chosen by the students from two Spanish classes.)

3. A favorite playground for a friend and myself was a cemetery about a mile from our neighborhood. We'd make a lunch, walk the mile across a field and spend the day. We didn't play around the graves. This cemetery has a mill and a bridge to a small island that is surrounded by water. We pass it on I-40 when we go through Amarillo. Back then it was near Highway 66.

4. In first grade I would fill pages of my tablet with what looked like longhand and tell my classmates that I knew how to write. Since they couldn't read longhand, they believed me.

5. I always believed in God and knew He was watching me, but I thought He was watching to catch me doing something bad. I had to pray before I went to sleep just to clear the record every day. I don't know when I finally realized Jesus had already cleared that record for me.

6. Since everyone popular in ninth grade was in a choir, I tried out. I had to audition singing "America." Awful! But everyone got into choir even if they couldn't sing, which I couldn't. I was in 2nd period--the worst singers. We were only allowed to sing in a program once. I was an alto and still can't read music. I can't imagine what they poor teacher went through every day at 2nd period.

7. I've para sailed and don't have to do that again. For about a year five years ago I wanted to hang-glide off the Sandias. Thank God, I got over that!

These are the people I'm tagging and hope you'll join in:


  1. Tag response!!!

    1. When I was in 6th grade for Christmas I wanted a unicycle so bad. Well, I got it for Christmas. I learned to ride it on ice. I couldn't wait until I could get outside and the ground was covered with ice. After I learned to ride the unicycle I took it to school. I made money betting other kids I could ride it. I also bet them I would ride it down the hall at the end of recess. I made a "killing" that day ($5). In the early 70's that was a lot of money for a 6th grader!

    2. I used to be a ventriloquist. I had a doll and practiced and was pretty good. I used to practice so much that eventually the stuffing came out the mouth when it was opened.

    3. I used to play 1st string volleyball and basketball in Jr. High. Back when I was in shape and not just "round is a shape".

    4. I used to be a very talented skateboarder. Well, at least for the times. Doing all the fancy daring things they do now days wasn't even thought of in the late 1970's.

    5. I used to play the guitar. In 6th grade I took guitar lessons and practiced all the time. I used to practice on a screened-in porch in the middle of winter. Sometimes I had to wear gloves and a stocking cap. I never could read music. I still can't.

    6. I was a munchkin in the operetta in High school for the musical "The Wizard of Oz". I never had a solo voice, but I could sing!

    7. One of my favorite high school memories is me and 6 other girls in my class camping out for a weekend at an area lake. We had a blast. We set up our own tent, cooked our own meals, swam and sang and had the best bonding. Sad thing now is I have lost touch with all of them. Some I can't even remember their names. I see them at reunions and we always mention that adventure.

    8. I had a friend when I was in 6th grade that was a Jr. in High school. She, I and one other friend used to go rollar skating every Saturday night. She also took me under her wings when I was a freshman. No senior messed with me because of our friendship. We used to go to the park every day after school and play fresbie.

    Great Memories!!!