Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For Such A Time As This

Chances are I will never be able to adequately put into words the revelation I had Sunday morning, but I'll try.

Our preacher, Wyatt, spoke on love and mentioned Reid and me. We opened our home and our casita to him and his family for several weeks when he had no place to hang his hat. We grew to love having him, of course, because he's really quite lovable. He even started calling me "Mom."

Here's where the revelation began. I saw my life going back through the years---marrying Reid, buying this house with the casita, living alone for six years in Oklahoma, husband dying, moving to Oklahoma, marrying husband, several really hard, horrible, years with some major missteps in Beaumont, divorce...all the way back to my childhood. I attended a class on Esther this past winter and spring, and just as she was in a certain place "for such a time as this," I saw how God had led me to this town and this house for Wyatt. With Wyatt's help God is bringing our church family into a huge new place with Him--of that I'm certain.

And God let us play a small part in it by having a place for Wyatt to call home until he found one of his own.

The greater blessing for me was seeing how, even with my missteps, God was able to get me where He wanted me to be. I saw it in Beaumont when I met my husband there, and I saw it again Sunday. God is truly sovereign. We think we are in total control, don't we?

How He must smile at us while He covers us with His love and leads us where He wants us to go.


  1. Great story and testament to God's work in your life and your work for God.

  2. I had to leave before that sermon because I was worried about my daughter's health (she's fine). I'm about to go listen to it online.

    Wyatt has already been a blessing, and I share your belief that he is just what we needed. God is good.