Friday, April 10, 2009

Still Working On "Copper Penny"

For the last week I've been making changes to "Copper Penny"--and I thought I was finished! I sent the first 55 pages to Melody Groves, a local published author, to critique. For the most part she said it was good, but one of the first scenes where I introduce the three main characters, she called "painful." Ouch!

When she explained it to me, I can see it. But changing it means I have to totally change that scene and search through the book to be sure I delete some threads that come from it. Fortunately I've dropped out of Critique group #3 and only have group #1 to attend every other week. I'm submitting pages from "Plugged Nickel" to them, but I'm far enough ahead that all I have to do is read over about 10 or 12 pages and give that to them.

When I wrote "Bobby Mac", it took me seven years of making numerous changes, adding characters and scenes until I had a book of over 300 pages. I didn't think my second book would take so long, but it may. I think I've been on this one for about 2 years now. If I ever get a publisher and they want a book a year, I'm in trouble.

With Melody's help, maybe Penny will be ready soon. And should I live long enough, I might get "Plugged Nickel" written, too!

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