Monday, July 6, 2009

Deja Vu All Over Again

I changed my profile picture for a reason. What you see in the picture is the real me. The dark hair was at one time, but no more. The big red hat and flower represent the freedom and happiness that are what is inside of me fighting to get out.

I've been given so many wonderful blessings in my life, but somewhere along the way I fell into that old ungrateful, negative, complaining person I've been fighting to leave behind for as long as I can remember. Something happened yesterday that woke me up--AGAIN!

Many years ago I made a list. For every negative I could think of in my life, I wrote down a positive. Soon I had a balanced list, which is best because in everything there is a positive and a negative. The optimum is finding the balance. For months every time I had a negative thought I immediately replaced it with a positive one. For instance: Neg--My feet hurt all the time. Pos--Thank you, God, that I can see colors. That you made grass green and the sky blue and flowers of all different shades and hues. And thank you that I have eyes to see all this.

So once more I am having to do this again. I noticed this morning how much better I felt. How much more thankful I am. How much stronger my body is. How much clearer my mind is.

I'll keep the person confidential who turned me around this time, but I want to thank God for using that person to wake me up once more!


  1. That process is called neuro-linguistic programming. It works in a number of ways. You can write down word that describes a negative mood, such as "angry." Then, you can reframe that word and the feeling with a more positive word that you choose at the moment or in advance, such as "agitated" (which may still have a slight negative conotation, but less so than angry) or even "inspired." You are doing that with another form, and it is working. Good job!

  2. I have it on good authority that it takes a wise and just person to accept feedback of that nature. :-) You go, girl.