Sunday, July 19, 2009


Some people are naturally funny. Others are not. I'm one of the nots. My brother writes a blog that is humorous. He says my blogs are too serious. My daughter loves to read his blog. She has more "funny" in her than I do.

I wish I could be lighter and funnier, but I don't think it's in me. I've always been introspective--looking into the depth of things. If you've been reading my blogs, you know I'm trying to live in the moment. Sometimes living in the moment gets me in trouble.

This morning a couple of ladies at the church suggested we get a group together and go somewhere. It sounded like fun and I jumped on it. I didn't talk it over with my husband. I approached some other couples and they were a little reluctant. (i.e. They aren't going.)As I stepped back and thought about it I realized it probably won't work at all. My husband wasn't too keen on the excursion but he'd sacrifice.

Now I have to go back to the ladies and say, "Time Out!"

What's the difference in being spontaneous and foolish? Maybe I just found out!
At any rate, it isn't funny.

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