Friday, July 10, 2009


If I believed in Minnahoonies, I'd think we have them.

These little buggers are Hawaiian and legend has it that when you leave Hawaii, they sneak into your luggage and come home with you where they cause all kinds of havoc.
Minnahoonies steal your glasses and hide them. They watch with glee as you search everywhere for them, then they sneak them right back where you've looked a dozen times. They cause your appliances to break down. Anything unusual and irritating is caused by these fun-loving scoundrels.

Today the Minnas have messed with Outlook again. Out of nowhere the picture changed. Instead of my folders and info on the left side, the Inbox covers the entire screen. No subjects next to the senders--just dates. Something like this happened recently and I couldn't figure out how to put it back right. Then, one day, it was right.

I blame the Minnahoonies. They are definitely technologically smarter than I am!
Looks like the Hawaiian legend would tell you how to rid yourself of them. Maybe there's no way. Maybe, once a person walks the islands and comes back to the main land, they are stuck with them forever.

I wonder if they're responsible for forgetfulness, too? Like "Now why did I come into this room?" I bet they are!

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