Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Generation

Lately my blogs have been depressing. If you aren't tired of them, I am. So today I'm going to talk about something wonderful. Her name is Amiyah Bush--our ten month old great granddaughter. She was born last October to our oldest grandson, Cory. They live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It's a long ten hour drive to see her, but we've been there twice this summer. Amiyah is just a darling, of course. When we were there this last time, I was taking care of her--all by myself. I thought I could multi-task and dust as well as talk to a friend on the phone while Amiyah was playing. Wrong! She crawls, and she goes fast. I had only turned away for a second and when I looked back at her, she had dumped the dog's water bowl out on the kitchen floor and was having a ball swimming on her tummy in the water. It was just too cute so I let her swim for a little while. (Good granny's do that.)

You'll see her picture on this page, as well as a picture of the four generations. I have a family picture that includes me when I was about four, my mother, my grandmother and my grandfather's mother. I remember when we took a four generation picture years ago with my grandmother, my mother, myself and my two daughters. Then, years later, we took one of my mother, me, my daughter and Cory. I don't know if it's unusual to have been a part of four of these generation pictures. But what I do know is that it shows me how life goes on. I can remember when the first picture was taken. That little girl is as real in me today as she was 63 years ago. I hope, when Amiyah sees the pictures of our four generations, it's as important to her as mine have been to me.

Cory was my first granchild, and I cried all the way home when we had to leave him after he was born. When he was about 20 months old, he and his mom came to live with us. I had the joy of watching him grow up into the 24 year old man he is today. Nothing can equal the first child, the first grandchild and now, the first great grandchild. The funny thing is, every one of the ones who come after them is just as special as those first ones.

I love watching history being made in our lives. The only problem I have with it is that time passes too quickly. I wish I could go back and savor a few of those moments as we stood in front of the cameras and had our four generation pictures taken.

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