Friday, August 8, 2008

The Best Prayer

8-08-08 A special day. The Chinese say eight is the perfect number and to have three eights is even more perfect for them. As you know, the Olympics begins today in China. In a number book I have, it says the number eight represents New Beginnings.

Whatever it all means, today is special because it's Reid's birthday. He's such a jewel that he's outside helping my daughter do lawn work, has been to Sears twice (once to buy her a shovel and the other time to take it back because it immediately broke), and when the right time comes, he will show us how to set the sprinkler system. I used to know how it worked, but even reading the directions now only confuses me.

Our grandson and great granddaughter both have pink eye and some kind of respiratory stuff. He goes to the doctor this afternoon.

It's been a strange visit, but good, I hope. At least now I know how to pray--God, do whatever your will is in their lives.

That's probably the best prayer we can say when we don't have a clue.

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