Monday, August 18, 2008


We are free, aren't we? Mostly free, that is. The one place we are completely free is in our choices. Even if we lived under an oppressive regime, we still could make a choice to obey or disobey or escape. The outcome of our choice could mean life or death to us and maybe to our family members.

Same as today in our free society. If I choose to obey the speed limit, I probably won't get a ticket. If I decide I need to go faster, then I have to live with the consequences which might be as simple as a speeding ticket and as dire as a wreck. Does my choice affect anyone except me? Of course, it does. If it's a wreck, I could be killed, another person could be killed or maimed. Yes, my choice affects a lot of people. I've heard the saying that no man is an island, and that's true. When a person makes a choice, it affects everyone who loves him or her.

I've made choices in my life that I wish I hadn't made. I can excuse myself by saying I was doing the best I could at that time, and in some ways that might be true. But the truth is that I was foolish and immature and definitely selfish.

There are some of my loved ones I wish would get this message.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words from my "Support" entry on my blog. It means a lot to me coming from an accomplished writer. I read your book "The Demise of Bobbie Mac". I enjoyed it and used your example of the ear ring with my best friend. We both wear the exact same bracelet for support. I have signed a 5 year release to have my blog linked on the weight loss website from the hospital in Junction City. I hope it will touch some possible patients. They also have a release to use any of my comments in my blog as testimonials for advertising. I used to write poetry years and years ago. No real inspiration anymore-so I blog/journal.

    August 18, 2008 7:54 PM