Friday, August 1, 2008

A Perfect World

After writing the blog this morning, I talked to my daughter. For the first time in months she and I were able to communicate. I was right, and she is hurting, but she let me be "mom" and tell her how much I love her and try to give her some comfort. Her situation, as well as her son's, is serious right now. I'm not hiding my head in the sand this time. I'm talking to the One who can make good come out of all of this.

We don't realize that the actions we take don't just affect us. It would be different if we lived in a vacuum. We're tied to others by blood and by love. Whatever we do reaches out and grabs hold of other people--especially the people who love us. Whether it's something wonderful, like the wedding we're going to this week end, or a failed marriage, an addiction, a crime--if it's someone we love involved, we rejoice or suffer with them.

In a perfect world everyone of us would be thinking of what our actions will do to others rather than fulfilling our desires at the moment. Some day we'll live in that perfect world, and then it won't even matter. We'll just love each other.

Boy! Am I looking forward to that!

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