Monday, February 9, 2009

Help Us Hear Your Truth

Monday morning and I have so much to do -- write, write, write, dust, check the casita for our guests who will be here Thursday, finish my weekly lessons on Esther, laundry, read the paper from this morning and Sunday (!), general straightening up, and work on Jonah lesson for Wednesday night. Reid and I are teaching it so that can't be put off, but I need him here when we work on it. I've already ridden the elliptical today.

The writing will take longer because I've made some major changes to the plot. I've changed a few names and changed the kind of poison being used on my victims. That means I have to go back and change their symptoms (some of them--the vomit can stay), some dialog and the autopsy report. That will have to wait until I have uninterrupted time available.

With all that, here I sit at the computer. I answered a new friend on Facebook and read a couple of emails then decided to make a few comments in my blog on a conversation I had last night.

In the church we attend, many of the people have been raised believing some things that I don't believe. i.e. Women aren't to take part in the worship service, musical instruments aren't to be used in the service, water baptism saves us, there are no more apostles--only those who were commissioned by Jesus, and the age of miracles is over. This person believes (was taught) the miracles in the Bible were only done to help get the Bible in print (or something like that.) This person is one of those who believes the Bible is the only way we can hear from God. No matter that few of the early Christians had a Bible (contrary to popular belief, King James isn't the same guy as Jesus' brother) and many of them couldn't read. I'm not sure how people get to this way of believing--that there are no more miracles. We don't need them any more now that we have the Bible? Makes no sense to me.

When I hear things like this and I say I have not only experienced a miracle but have seen the results of some, the person I'm speaking to can't change his mind. It's like they don't hear what I'm saying because of the locked, iron door that keeps what they've been taught safely enclosed behind it. Those beliefs are chained up in the dark recesses of their mind and unless God Himself unlocks them, that's where they'll stay.

So, do I have some beliefs locked up in some place in my mind? Have I heard something that would refute those erroneous beliefs and can't accept them? Probably. But I hope, if I do, that my ears will open enough to let more Light in.

God, help us to hear Your Truth!

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