Friday, February 6, 2009

Some Thoughts about Family and Mean Women

We've had a busy week--granddaughter and daughter-in-law in town all week, lessons to do for two classes, writing, exercising, having meals with friends.

My cousin and I send emails daily telling of our day's activities and making comments on anything we think of. She lives alone and enjoys her life: Reading, cleaning house, needlework, emailing friends and daily naps. She rarely watches TV and almost never goes out with friends. I would be bored silly with this life, but she'd be bored with mine. She'd hate all the meetings we have to attend, church activities--and says, "To each his own."

So true. She left this morning for a three week tour of New Zealand. She travels about four times every year. Now that's what I'd call boring! It would be nice to see all those places but I want to come home at night. She usually goes alone. I'd find that hard to do.

We tend to do what makes us the most comfortable, don't we? I've lived alone and remember many weekends and holidays when it was just me. I can do it, but I'd rather not. When I married Reid almost six years ago, I inherited four sons with their wives and 10 grandchildren. Our holidays and many birthdays are filled with people. My oldest grandson has a daughter so now we are greats.

I believe God intersects our lives with other people (as our preacher said last Sunday.) Some of my best friends are no longer in my life. Some have come and gone and come back again. I think about those that I haven't seen in years and wonder where they are today and why we lost contact. Since moving here new friends have come into my life. Although I can be alone if I have to, and enjoy it once in a while, I couldn't do without friendships. I believe God made us like this because friends help show us who He is and who we are.

Last night at the Esther class, Beth Moore talked about mean women. I wonder how many other women who heard her questioned themselves, saw traits they want to get rid of and had their lives changed by her words?

I did. And I hope I never tire of hearing truth and wanting it in my life.

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  1. I can't wait to hear the lesson! No fair tantalizing those of us who are four days behind. :-)