Saturday, February 21, 2009

What Fun!

Twenty-one years ago I was teaching at Central Middle School in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. My favorite student aide of all time was a sweetheart named Olivia. I had taught her geography in the seventh grade.

She went to a Christian high school when she left CMS. I watched a few of her basketball games over the next few years. After she graduated, I'm not sure where she went or how she met her husband, David. But we kept in touch with Christmas cards when she moved to Tennessee and had children. I have her email address but hadn't heard from her in some time.

This week I sent her an email and found out she's on Facebook. I have a Facebook page, too, so she added me as a friend. I went in and saw new pictures of her and read about her life. She's grown into a beautiful lady, although she was a pretty girl when I knew her before.

I love the Internet. Although I don't know much about Facebook, I have a few friends that I haven't seen or heard from in ages and enjoy seeing what's happening in their lives.

When I still lived in Oklahoma, periodically I'd see a student I had. That was fun, and this is fun, too. It's still hard to imagine Olivia as a mom, but I bet she's a good one. She sure knew how to run my classroom when she was in the eighth grade!
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