Saturday, March 28, 2009

Allergies and Jesus

Our allergen-free day didn't last long. By noon the sun was out and the snow melted. Today the hated allergens are back in the air and busily attacking me.

We went to a movie earlier today to see "Last Chance Harvey." The only reason we wanted to see it was because it was filmed in London. A couple of scenes were filmed in the same Marriott hotel where we stayed when we were there a couple of times. It was a feel-good movie. Sad boy and sad girl meet. Some of the reasons for their sadnesses are changed, and we leave them walking away together--arm in arm--facing a brand new future. Of course, they live happily ever after. Evidently neither of them has allergies.

After the movie we went to Sweet Tomatoes to eat and right at the end of our meal I had a GINORMOUS allergy attack. We came home so I could recover from sneezing, burning, itching, watering eyes and itching throat. I Googled the worst and best places for allergic people to live. Surprisinly, Hartford, Conn. is the worst. El Paso and Tulsa are bad, and I've lived both of those places. The only "better but not great" place that I might not mind living is Colorado Springs. But I would only want to be there in the spring or fall. Summer might be all right.

I don't remember having allergies in Hawaii. Maybe that's because things bloom all the time and you don't have the pollens being released in the spring and whatever it is that's happening to the plants in the fall. The only way we could have a fall/spring home there is to win the lottery. Guess I'll have to check that place off my list of places I might live.

I wonder about London. Do people have allergies there? Maybe we should move to the North Pole or Antartica. Somehow I believe if a person is prone to allergies, wherever she goes there will be some kind of allergen attacking her. Leave it to me to be allergic to the only little lichen that blooms far north or south.

At the end of the book of Revelation in the Bible, John says, "Come Lord Jesus." When I feel like I do today, I have to agree. Surely there's nothing to be allergic to in Heaven!

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