Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Take That To The Bank

We get so many catalogs--unwanted catalogs. We've never ordered from many of them. A friend sent us a web site where you can go in and tell the companies we don't want their catalogs. I copied and pasted the site here: It's called Catalog Choice.

In the past I've cut off the mailing label, written a note saying "take us off your mailing list" but they still kept coming. We'll see if this works.

I wish there was a way to stop all the unwanted telephone calls and faxes. We get so many "invitations" to send money to different charities.

Junk mail. So much junk mail coming to us on the computer, on the telephone and in the mail box. Remember when the only mail we got in the mail box was a letter from Grandma or the electric bill?

My grandparents saw an explosion of technology in their lifetime: the telephone, automobile, electricity, flight, appliances, television. I remember when their telephone number was 139 and you had to call Central in order to get a call through to anyone else. When they got a dial phone in their house, I was really disappointed. I loved calling Central. Mail wasn't delivered to their house. They had to go to the post office to get it. Our big outing every day was going to the PO and picking up the one or two pieces of mail or not finding anything in the box.

What would they do today with cable and email and cell phones and junk mail? All the new technology is mind boggling to me. I have no idea how to work an i-Phone or a Blackberry. I guess I could learn. I've learned how to use the computer, drive an automatic transmission car, dial 7 numbers instead of the five we had for years.

I think it's amazing how resilient people are. With the messed up economy and those in power who seem to be doing all they can to wreck our way of life, we may have to learn how to be even more flexible.

Just so this doesn't end on a downer, I have to say that change may be all around us but one thing never changes. Jesus said He'd never leave us or forsake us. That's not junk mail. That's security and truth and peace. Our earthly bank accounts might be shrinking but God's isn't. He's got more than we'll ever need--and we can take that to the bank!

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