Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just Trust

Life has been so full lately that I haven't had a chance to do any writing--not on my blog--not on either of my novels. I barely have a chance to read a little before going to sleep at night. Some people call the "thing" inside of a writer a muse. This muse helps the writer write. Well, my muse is frustrated. She has something to say--no, she has a lot to say--and wishes I'd give her the chance.

Last Wednesday I went to a critique meeting, and I have another one this coming Saturday. At the Wednesday one my writing partners made many suggestions about changes I need to make in novel #2. Before I go to the next meeting on Saturday I need to make those changes. I want to continue editing novel #1 and go forward in #2. I left my main character in #2 in a major crises, and I'm sure he's anxious for me to help him work it out. Little does he know, but his troubles are just beginning. I'm taking a class on Monday nights about getting published. The two teachers will read my synopsis and query letter and let me know if I have them right. I need time to get them ready to be read.

Reid's son, Andy, and his family came Friday to stay until in the morning. But they had major car trouble and can't leave until it's fixed. Our preacher will be here Thursday to stay over the week end. Hopefully they don't overlap or else somebody's going to be crowded in that king-sized bed!

Saturday we spent the entire day at an Irish dance competition. I started to write about it but decided there were more pressing issues. One of those issues is my busy life that's keeping me from doing what I think I need to be doing. Since I'm having trouble going to sleep tonight, I thought it a good time to write.

In the book I've been reading these sentences jumped out at me tonight. "It would seem to me that trusting God allows him to do whatever he desires. If I focus that trust on a specific outcome, then I am only trying to manipulate him." "Growing in trust allows us to walk with God through our concerns and disappointments, knowing he has something else in mind than we have thought."

In our class on Hebrews today, our teacher reminded us that we are souls living in bodies. In reality we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. Worship is not the hour or two on Sunday morning we spend inside a building. Everything we do is worship.

Therefore, right now I am walking with God. If he wanted me to be somewhere else, that's where I'd be. If I was supposed to be writing, I'd be writing. What I'm doing is relationship and hospitality and worship. I believe with all my heart that's what's important to him. The synopsis and query and writing will happen when it happens. I believe that's what trust is all about.

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