Monday, June 15, 2009

My Eyes Are On You

I am what was once called "charismatic." I don't know what they call it today or if it is called anything. Jesus found me in 1971. I didn't know I'd been looking for Him when He found me.

I've always gone to church and was a member of an independent Christian faith at the time, but I was sinking. My theme song was "Master the Tempest is Raging." The chorus is what struck a cord in my heart. "Peace Be Still." I longed for that peace.

Many nights, instead of sleeping, I spent on my knees crying out to God for His Peace. When He brought it, it was only in my heart and not in the hearts of a family member or most of my friends. If I'd been Amish, they would have called it shunning. In the church we attended, afraid of being infected they kicked me out.

Over the years I've had some wonderful times of worshiping and praising God. Often I sing a song that I can't even remember after those times pass. One prayer song that has stuck with me, and came to me this morning as I prayed for God to guide my day, is this one.

My eyes are on You, Lord, my eyes are on You.
My eyes are on You, Lord, my eyes are on You.
You lead me, You guide me, You stay right beside me.
My eyes are on You, Lord. My eyes stay on You.

His eyes are always on us. Lord, help us keep our eyes on You.

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