Monday, June 22, 2009

A Place for Weary Travelers

Our casita has welcomed so many people, but lately it seems we've been overwhelmed by guests. The room has been empty very few days since the first of the year. Our preacher stayed out there and commuted periodically from here to where he was moving from for two months. A few times his wife came with him for the week end. One week end we had all three of his children, too.

A couple of weeks ago we had three girls traveling through with a singing group. A friend coming through and going out to California to sell his movie film stayed one night and most of the next morning.

One of Reid's sons and his family (4) were here for a Fetish dance competition in February. The son and two children will be here in July on their way to a camp in the south. They'll stay a night or two then will come back through and stay another night on their way home.

Thursday we have a lady coming to stay two nights. She'll be here for a church meeting.

This morning a couple left who stayed two nights with us. They'd been out to Washington D.C. and all points between there and here and are on their way home to Washington state.

Cleaning and washing linens and putting them back on the bed(s) is a chore. Sometimes I get weary dealing with it, but as someone told us, "Look at all the people you are blessing."

Maybe he's right. Maybe we have this house with that casita just for weary travelers. Jesus said if we've taken someone in (or words to that effect), we've done it to Him.

Neither of us slept much last night and are bone-tired today--and probably headed for an afternoon nap. But when the couple thanked us for letting them stay here, the man said, "This has been the highlight of our trip."

That blew me away. Words like that make it worthwhile. Even if we don't hear those words, I'd say it's worthwhile anyway.


  1. You've probably seen this poem before, but it applies so perfectly I have to post the URL:

  2. Wonderful hospitality. I'm sure you are blessing many people! And knowing they appreciate it is refreshing. I would like to ask what a casita is. wb

  3. Rosslyn,
    I just looked up the poem you suggested. It is great. I had read it years before but had forgotten it.

    Welcome back to the blog. wb