Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some Thoughts About Our Trip

We're really at home now--not just wishing we were.

After 16 days I'm ready for some "quiet time."

The first part of our journey was to visit my brother and our sister-in-law. While in Kansas we went 650' underground and toured a salt mine, played cards and saw three of our nephews and nieces and their 9 kids. It's always hard to leave my brother. I wish we lived close enough to see each other more often.

Our first stop in Oklahoma was to visit daughter, grandson and great-granddaughter. G'granddaughter is pistol. She's 21 months old and talking a blue streak. Always on the move. G'son wanted to put flowers on his Papa's grave, and we did. While there we visited with some old friends. Old friends we used to see quite often. How I'd love to be able to see all these people more often--especially g'granddaughter. She's growing up too fast.

We ended our trip with a visit somewhere south of Oklahoma City. All I know is that the house of our friends is near Mustang and Norman. It's in the country, along with many other homes, in a quiet neighborhood. These friends were those my husband knew years ago in Spokane. While there the two daughters of the home owners and their families came over and spent the day. Our hosts have two Maltese (Maleses? Malesi?) which they keep trimmed short and call "The boys." One of the daughters has a smaller Maltese and the other one has a Yorkie. Of course all the dogs come to visit with their families. The Maltese don't smell or shed and really pretty cute and well-mannered (as long as you keep the door to the bathroom shut.)

All in all it was a good trip. The worst part of the whole experience was coming home to a defrosted freezer in the garage. The day we left our town had a huge storm which shut off the power for a bit. When it came back on the freezer and fridge in the garage threw the switch and defrosted. The smell is pretty rank. The stuff in the freezer is re-freezing and tomorrow, when the dump opens, Reid will haul the smelly contents away. Then comes the job of trying to salvage the freezer.

One last thought. We attended two different churches while we were gone. I shouldn't have been surprised at the differences in them. One was quite spiritual and the other wasn't. I had just finished reading the book, "They Like Jesus But Not the Church." This experience helped me understand why.

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