Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Opportunity

This is really hard to do. Type, I mean, with my right little and ring fingers taped together. I have to look at the keyboard when I want to type on the right. I can use my ring finger some but the little one is useless.

Two weeks ago I fell in the garage. I guess most of my weight went to my right hand trying to catch myself. For about 10 days I had some swelling and discomfort then BANG! OUCH! My husband taped the fingers together. Relief! But hard to do so many things.

If I get that hand wet, the tape falls off. Surely someone has invented water resistant tape! I guess this means a trip to the drug store to check out what's available. In this age of washing our hands all day long, you can imagine how many re-tapings have to be done.

I know this is minor in the scheme of life and I don't mean to whine, but for someone who writes on the computer all the time, it is a bother.

However, I'm grateful because I also hit on my right hip and that didn't break.

Little things come into our lives that can cause us to complain--like a sprain or something worse. When these things happen, I have to turn my eyes away from the small inconvenience and look up once more. The words I say must remain positive and I have to give thanks in it all.

Hmmmm. . . Seems I've heard that before. "In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." Ahhhh. . . and yet another opportunity to have something to thank God for!

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