Friday, November 6, 2009

What Is Living?

I am so much like my mother that it scares me. She liked to stay busy. . .right up to the time when the dementia took hold and robbed her of life. I hope I can do as well. But I want to skip the dementia.

Last week I stayed in and nursed the flu bug. I only had to opt out of two events. This week has been busy, busy. This week end is the same. The next week more of the same. And I'm complaining?

I love free time and I love having something to do. Balancing the two isn't easy even in retirement. My thoughts go back to those long summer days when I was a kid. My mother stayed busy and I stayed outside all summer cloud-gazing, swimming, riding my bike and enjoying being out of school.

Would I want to be able to do that again? Not on your life! I like being involved with causes and people and writing and reading. Today this is living for me. What is living to you?

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