Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Facing Everything With God

I don't know anyone who isn't facing something bad or scary or frightening or heartbreaking. I know what some of them are going through but others--no. Just that they have something in their lives that's hard.

When I was young, I don't remember facing anything like this. We didn't know people who took drugs or were alcoholics. I knew of one family whose son was in the military and was killed in an accident. I was about 14 then. When I was 18, my best friend's mom got cancer and died. Later I knew of more deaths but nothing like what I hear of today. When I was in high school, I knew one classmate who died. When my daughters were in high school, they knew many people their age who died in accidents. Now it seems there's more unhappiness than just death, and there are plenty of those.

Has life gotten worse or have I lived long enough to realize it?

How do we cope? I know I can't do it without God. Even when He answers a prayer, that may not be the end of whatever is going on in life. I can remember times when I prayed for something thinking that when the prayer was answered all my troubles would be over. Sometimes the answer was just the beginning. I got through all those places. Never alone. He's always been right beside me or carrying me whenever I couldn't walk any farther.

My prayer is for everyone who can't make it alone to do the same thing--ask for His help. He is more than able.


  1. The only way I have made it through this life is by the GRACE OF GOD! He has been faithful to see me through.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. I told my wife the other day that I'm still learning such important lessons in life, many from my own mistakes, but that at age 50 they are so much more painful than they were at age 30. One of the lessons is humility. Yes, prayer can help even with that one. Good post.