Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Many Words About Nothing

Up early. Started by studying Bible lesson. Got Google sidetracked. Back to Bible study then back to blogging.

One of the reasons I love reading Facebook and blogs is that I, like a blog friend, love stories. That's why I write. My mother was the kind of person people loved being around. Whatever was happening, she could make people laugh. Her stories were exciting and fun to hear. Some family members accused her of making them up but she just said, "They're all true. I just make them more interesting."

You can tell a story and have listeners on the edge of their chairs, or you can repeat a story and have them yawn. I prefer the edge. Maybe I'm a little like her. I hope so.

Here's a story that isn't fun: I have been trying to sell some things on e-bay. Somehow I never get to the posting end before the page expires. I'm not sure what Craig's List actually means. Do people come to my house and shop? I know a person or two who have posted with Craig and it seemed to work for them. What I need to do is gather up all this stuff and have a garage sale. One problem. We can't do that in our neighborhood. Maybe set up a table on the side of a busy street? Doubt if I could get away with that either. What do I do with all these knick-knacks--some of which are pretty expensive? Giving them away has worked in the past, but it would be nice to get a little something for them, especially during these days of famine. Well, not real famine.

As you can see, I'm rambling and none of it is funny. Guess I'm not as much my mother's daughter as I hoped. At least this morning, but there's always another day and another story.

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  1. Craig's List might work for the things you're describing. If you post on Craig's List, people will email you and then come look at your items. If the items are small and you don't want people coming to your house, you can always meet them at a cafe. The one catch to Craig's List is that people are sometimes flakey and don't show up.