Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Speaking Faith

I could complain today about the cold weather or about all the teens at the mall who have no idea any one's around except them. Or I could complain about my hairdresser whom I dearly love but can't seem to get my hair the exact right length every time. There's always something that isn't quite perfect, isn't there? Complaining gets me nowhere ever and I don't believe there's a single verse in the Bible that tells us to whine.

I listened to a preacher from Broken Arrow on TV Sunday morning--a man I've heard many times and whose father founded a church and Bible school on one word. Faith. He reminded me to say Faith words; words that guide my life in the way I want to go because death and life are in the power of the tongue.

The words we speak produce. They produce life and faith or they produce something else; something we may see at the moment but don't want to happen. Mark 11:23,24 was this man's basis for his ministry. Faith words move mountains.

I've got a lot of faith words going on right now in my life, but the one I want to speak today is "the new year will be better than we can imagine."

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  1. AMEN...No more complaining...and "The new year will be better than we can imagine." Shall I say AMEN again...

    Blessings, andrea