Monday, May 11, 2009

Speaking and Leaping

I hate it when I do this.

A scripture that really hits me every time I read it tells me to guard my mouth--which means to me I need to think before I speak--look before I leap. Yet I keep doing it--speaking and leaping and afterwards being sorry.

Yesterday's message at church asked us to allow ourselves to get before God this week and see ourselves as we are. The preacher said, in the end, that the only way we can make changes is through Christ. Was he ever right!!! If the Holy Spirit can't help me, I will never change.

But what really worries me is this: I've seen this flaw in me for years. I've asked God for help for years. But I still do it. I've prayed for His wisdom. As far as I know I don't have much of it, if any.

So now what?

I'll never give up asking.


  1. Good question. Don't know if I have the right answer, but here are a couple of stabs ...
    1) Who knows, but if it wasn't for all that prayer and honest effort your problem might be worse that what it seems right now.

    2) The Lord may be keeping you humble. This may be your thorn in the side.

    3) Why do you feel bad afterwards? Did you say something bad? Sometimes we are so sensitive that we feel bad even for saying something we needed to say! Be honest with someone in a caring way may hurt someone, but it may be what they needed to hear. For that we shouldn't be sorry but prayerful that our words will strike a vibrant chord.

    Just some thought -

  2. Your post got me to thinking . . . I'm not sure if it's conviction or probably mostly self-imposed guilt and worry, but I second guess most every word. Did I say this right, did I say that wrong? What should I say next? What are they thinking, probably that I'm a complete dork! This flaw of being a habitual people pleaser has been with me for as long as I can remember.
    I strive to be all things to all people, definitely scary and dangerous at times. What's crazy is whether I like the person or not doesn't matter, I have to make them like me regardless. I sent a Happy Mother's Day text to the coach of the team I yanked Baby Girl from, how pathetic is that? (by the way, your the first one I've admitted that to) I wish I was more carefree like my husband. I think that's one reason I like blogging so much. I can write whatever and unilke words out of my mouth, I can take them back and reword as many times as I want which is usually a ton.

  3. Thanks for your visit this morning and comments.

    I just read in your bio that you have 12 grandchildren and a great-granddaughter! Wonderful! We have two kids at marriageable age now so maybe in a few years ...

    Can I invite you to read my Grandparents article? If you go to Family Fountain you can look for "Granparents" under the labels. This is a tribute to grandparents.

    Thanks. WB