Saturday, May 30, 2009


Tomorrow is our sixth anniversary. Six doesn't sound very long but it seems it has been much longer because we've experienced so much. Those years have been full. New grandchildren, a book published and numerous books read, trips to faraway places, new friends, new churches. Time filled with laughter and heartaches, all in a short 2190 days.

Six and a half years ago I was single, worked four days a week for a chiropractor thinking I would probably be shuffling around in his office until I died. I had no idea I'd ever marry again. Then God transcended distance and brought Reid and me together.

Twelve years ago I was widowed.

Thirty years ago I got married for the second time. I hoped I'd marry again, but when I met Jim,I wasn't sure he was THE ONE. I asked God. He spoke to me, words that gave me a choice and told me if I chose to marry, all the things I'd been praying about for years would come to pass. I did and they did.

Sixteen years ago Second Daughter's son was born. That same year Mother died at the age of 89.

Twenty-five years ago First Daughter's son was born.

Thirty-four years ago Daddy died.

I could go on, of course. Years pass and they seem like nothing, but when we look back at them, they are forever ago.

What do I have left to do in my life? What's on my bucket list? I can think of one thing that I plan to do in two years--send Second Daughter and her husband to Italy on a Tauck tour. Other than that, I'd be happy to have books published and sold. Mostly I just want to keep living; keep loving life; keep seeing friends and family; meeting new people, loving God and knowing Him better. When I finally die, I'd like for people to say they were glad they knew me. What could be better than that?

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  1. I can't believe you didn't mention having your only brother sing happy birthday to you each year.