Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My home page is Goggle. On it I can choose what I want to come up: news, weather, sports, etc. I can choose a theme from many options. It takes time to go through all those options and choose exactly the one I want. Some of them change during the day. The best one shows a scene in the morning, at mid day and in the evening. Some never change. Same old picture every time Google opens.

I've been through a bunch of them but never found one that I want to keep forever. This must work well for Google because about once a month when it comes up, everything is gone and I have to make choices all over again. Not a big deal really. I'm just wondering why.

We have friends who are doing a "getaway" for a few days. They asked me where I'd want to go if I could have a "getaway." I said, "home." I love being at home, having my stuff around me, being able to go to my kitchen and fix a cup of coffee or something to eat, watch the TV shows I want to watch, write (which I can't do on a laptop no matter how easy Castle makes it look), sit in my favorite chair and read, use my own shower and sleep in my own bed.

I realize I'm the strange one. I've been places and seen things but nothing looks better to me than my house. Nothing feels better to me than my nest. I don't want to stay within the four walls all the time, but when I'm finished being "out there," coming back inside these four walls is where I'm the most comfortable.

I hope my friends have a great time on their getaway. I'll miss them while they're gone.

Maybe that's why Google changes their home page so much. Variety. Just like my friends, variety, they say is the spice of life. But not for me. The spice of my life is home.

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  1. I totally agree with you--my home is my favorite place, too.

    I think that proves that we're introverts. :-)