Saturday, October 17, 2009

Something Funny

My brother thinks I'm too dark. He wants me to be funny like he is (or thinks he is!) I keep telling him we are balanced. I can't be a clown and sit around being content and happy all the time (not that he does that.) I think about deep things a lot. Inside my head are plots of novels that have to include conflict as well as light moments. I write non-fiction, memoirs and self-help books in my thoughts. I talk to God in my heart and ask Him questions and wonder about life--my past and my future. What? Why? When? How?

I might say something funny once in a while, but deep inside I have another person who rules.

Just to mix things up and make my brother happy, today I'm writing something funny. Just give me a minute to think of it. . . . . . .

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